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The Channel

LisalisaD1 is a channel devoted to all things lovely and wonderful from high end, to budget items and everything in between. The channel started in 2008 and there have been regular uploads, usually three a week, since its inception.  Lisa Duncan is the bombshell southern beauty behind the channel. She was born and raised in a coastal city in North Carolina. Her taste in beauty products, clothing, shoes, and all the products she hauls is impeccable and very distinctive.

Lisa is married to John and has two children, Brooke and Will. Brooke has a channel too, Melissa Brooke.  We do not see the family on Lisa’s channel, but by watching the channel, they become real for the viewer.  The family currently has three “kitties” and an adorable dog. It is clear that Lisa’s family, including her mom, dad, brother and others are first in her life and she glows when she talks about them. The channel has over 100,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

The Hauls

Lisa has devoted Fridays to hauls for many years. She knows many of her viewers shop on the weekend, so she gives them a head start into what is currently available. Basically, she shows the viewers all her purchases for the preceding week, sometimes including other items, such as, PR packages and some of the many gifts she receives from viewers. It is clear that Lisa loves looking for specific items, often being inspired by her muses, Bridget Bardot, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker (and Sarah’s character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City), the Real Housewives, among many others. Lisa knows what she likes. Lisa has style!  She may have planned a purchase, or share something wonderful she found when she was out and about.

She loves everything about being a woman and she celebrates and embraces make up, fashion, jewelry, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and just about any adornment. Lisa’s hauls are really like sitting down with an enthusiastic, fun friend and sharing her excitement over her purchases and her pursuit of items for her collections. Lisa’s hauls include outfits of the day, the make up and jewelry she is wearing and usually a little story or two about her day or week. 

Lisa has developed friendships and has collaborated with several jewelry designers and she regularly shows her finds on her channel. It is apparent that she is a muse for these designers she supports. Her taste in jewelry is unique including everything from a dainty Walmart chain necklace to a lion head ring and Wonder Woman cuff bracelets. 

Lisa regularly show gifts and packages she has received from viewers and YouTube friends she has made over the years. She also curates and sends packages regularly. Lisa has received and commissioned several pieces of art over the years which she shares with viewers.

Lisa Lisa

This channel is eclectic, unique and a whole lot of fun! I actually made my own playlist of her hauls, from the inception of her channel, watched and enjoyed them all. Lisa’s channel has makeup tutorials and loads of other interesting content, including a few vlogs with her signature trips to Zaxby’s for a salad. More vlogs would be a welcome addition, however, her hauls are reminiscent of vlogs so the viewer gets a little vlog in each one. 

Lisa is a student of fashion, style, beauty and life. Her “look of the day” is often inspired by a fashion book or magazine, an Instagram post, a celebrity or a waitress at the local Mexican restaurant. Her knowledge of fashion, makeup and accessories is immense! Listening to her share her knowledge is a real treat and education for the viewer. Also, her Instagram feed is full of beautiful looks, ideas and inspiration. Her account is thereallisalisad1, Lisa Duncan (@thereallisalisad1) 

Thank you for reading this post and please visit LisaLisaD1 for inspiration and loads of fun, beautiful content!

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  1. What a beauty! Love the way she does her videos. Thank you for sharing. Your posts are so thorough and informative!

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