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The Channel

Susan Buchanan is the LittlePoet on the YouTube channel of the same name. Susan is in her mid-60’s and her channel is chock full of interesting and compelling content. Of course, she shops and hauls all sorts of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Her videos, posted weekly, are skillfully edited and beautifully crafted with voice overs which will inspire thought and reflection. Susan includes wonderful music with the narratives (often one of her original songs.) Her videos are simply beautiful!

Susan is from Michigan and she has been posting regularly on YouTube for almost five years. Her darling little dog, Desi, features prominently in her more recent videos. She has over 21,000 subscribers and they are very active on the channel in the comments. A video will regularly have over 300 comments which is remarkable. Susan’s sense of humor is very dry and she is hilarious! She is a musician, singer, songwriter (she has written over 400 songs), recording artist, photographer, videographer, mother, grandmother and friend. But, that’s not all she is…she is a beautiful soul and an inspiration to many.

The Hauls

Susan posts her finds and favorites regularly. Her hauls are paired with a “shop with me” type of video. Susan visits thrift stores and when she shops, her videos include shots of the items she sees along with thought-provoking and often humorous quips. Usually, she will incorporate a “try-on” in which she tries on the item in the store and then she styles it and shows another shot of the item once she has brought it home. She can make a trip to Goodwill seem like a beautiful shopping experience at a high-end department store. 

Her “favorites” videos are similar to a haul/review video. Susan presents the items and tells the viewers how she found the product, how she uses it and where to find it. She often shares how her week went and her adventures of the week. These videos give the viewer so much more than a list of items and mini-reviews. Susan’s videos are beautiful and it is hard to explain how she can style a compilation of products in such interesting and lovely ways.

The Beautiful Susan

Susan aspires to live in the moment and she encourages her viewers to do the same. Watching her videos can be captivating and relaxing. Susan shares her struggles and challenges along with her triumphs, large and small. She always returns to the here and now where we all have our power. She has embraced the many changes in her life, the seemingly good and the seemingly bad, and encourages her viewers to do the same. What an uplifting attitude! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please treat yourself to a visit with the LittlePoet. 

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  1. Susan….I just happened upon you several days ago…….your posts go straight to my heart…..I can identify with a lot of what you speak of….I also saw that you are a musician and wanted to hear your music….I’ve only listened to a couple of your songs so far but the ones I listened to were beautiful……anyway….keep on with your website…you’re very inspiring….

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