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The Channel

Laura is the mover and shaker behind the channel Shake Up Makeup. She started her channel in 2014 and has over 25,000 subscribers. Her channel is primarily targeted to the over 50 woman, however, a younger viewer would do well to watch and learn about getting the “look for less.”

Laura is a teacher (classroom and online) and has a family. In spite of being so busy, she regularly posts great videos primarily relating to beauty. Laura lives in Florida and is a native Floridian. 

The Hauls

Laura’s hauls are not a traditional type of haul, however, she shows the viewer a large variety of beauty, skin care and hair care products.  The videos showcase products which can help the over 50 viewer look great without breaking the bank. She has a “Luxury for Less” series of videos which are informational and often surprising. Laura shows her viewers how to find great products at drugstore prices.

Laura also has a large number of tutorial videos which also feature the products she buys. Her tutorials are short and well-edited.  The tutorials feature a wide variety of products for skin and hair care, too. It is easy to find information on her channel as the thumbnails are clear and concise. 

Lovely Laura

Laura’s love for serving her viewers shines through in all her videos. She also has a video which gives very thought-provoking and helpful information about aging well.  As a teacher, Laura’s passion and dedication to her students id inspiring as is her passion for community service.

Thank you for reading this post and go over and visit Laura at Shake Up Makeup!

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  1. Laura truly is lovely and shares some really great tips! Thank you for sharing! You do such a great job highlighting the women you are writing about.

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