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The Channel

Dani Fisher is the medical doctor and creator of the channel, DrDaniFisher. Dani is an anesthesiologist in San Antonio who loves all things beauty. She works full-time as a doctor and is married with three children.  Busy lady!

Dani posts videos relating to beauty, skin care and the occasional “doctor” video. She has been on YouTube since 2017 and posts regularly. She is approaching 7,000 subscribers and engages with her viewers in the comments.

The Hauls

Dani posts traditional hauls, however, her favorites and fails and empties videos give the viewer more information about the products she tries and uses regularly.https://youtu.be/XtEpVwnXPgc  She is budget-minded and will often try a high end product only to recommend a much cheaper drugstore alternative. Dani’s skin type is normal to oily so her videos are particularly helpful for those with similar skin. https://youtu.be/WahrU7BTSu4 Dani’s Nordstrom hauls include clothing and jewelry. https://youtu.be/9yZSq39FJms Her style is classic and practical. More clothing and accessories hauls would be a welcome addition to her content.  

Doctor Dani

Dani has a relaxed, conversational way of relating to her viewers. Her videos are helpful, informative and fun to watch. She has a great “Q and A” video which gives viewers an up close and personal look into her background and personal life.https://youtu.be/OzSZ8f826Tk  Dani will also occasionally film an informative “doctor” video using her knowledge to help and inform. In one of her recent videos she expresses her desire to expand her content to include lifestyle, organization and more. Can’t wait for that! Find Dr. Dani on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/drdanifisher/?hl=en

Thank you for reading this blog. Please visit DrDaniFisher for beauty, skin care and more!

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