Kristin Gehm – Hey Gehmers!

The Channel

The lovely Kristin Gehm is the beauty behind her channel of the same name. Kristin loves all things beauty and she showcases the many products she hauls and gathers here and there. Kristin is a forty-something professional living in Wisconsin with her delightful husband, Bob. 

Kristin has been on YouTube for many years and regularly posts videos. She has many loyal followers and she regularly engages with them in the comments. 

The Hauls

Kristin’s channel is replete with hauls of all kinds. She shops in-store and  online so there are numerous Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom hauls. Her presentation of the products is great and she will tell the viewer about the reasons behind the purchases.

Kristin has a fascinating series of videos called “Total Rehaul” in which she revisits items previously hauled to update the viewer on how the product performed. These are items that have not made it to an empties or favorites video. Speaking of empties and favorites, she has dedicated videos to those, too. Her mini-reviews are so helpful! 

Kristin is also a partner with several subscription box services, most notably, Boxy Charm and Fab, Fit, Fun. She does something special with the Boxy Charm boxes which viewers particularly like. Kristin will present items from a new box and also revisit items from the box from the prior month to tell the viewers how they performed. Brilliant!

Kristin’s World

Kristin is an OG in the YouTube beauty community. Numerous influencers and creators often mention her as their inspiration for starting a channel and/or as a favorite channel. Kristin has an easy-going, relaxed delivery which is very welcoming. Even though she has a very busy life, she has posted regularly and has engaged with her loyal viewers throughout her time on YouTube.

Additionally, she has a vlog channel “Gehm Time” which documents her weekly doings. It is amazing to see how much this lovely lady accomplishes in her week! Her organization skills are outstanding and she shares many helpful tips on organization, cooking and much more.  

Kristin is very active on Instagram often doing Instagram live casts while getting ready for work. These “live” sessions are fun and include loads of viewer interaction. 

Thank you for reading this blog and go watch Kristin and all her wonderful content!

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