Mandy Davis MUA – Professional Beauty 

The Channel

Mandy Davis is a makeup artist and the beautiful creator of the channel Mandy Davis MUA. Mandy lives just outside of Nashville where she was born and raised. She is married to Chad and they have two lovely daughters. 

Mandy started her channel in 2014 and has over 34,000 subscribers. She works as a makeup artist and still manages to post regularly and engage with her viewers in the comments.

The Hauls

Mandy loves a good haul and shops regularly for herself, her family and for her make up kit. It is so interesting to see what she uses for herself and what she keeps in her kit. Mandy shops Sephora, Ulta, the drugstore and various online retailers. Mandy’s favs and fails, empties and product reviews give the viewer a chance to see all the products she uses. The videos include recommendations and mini-reviews.   Her advice is well-presented and researched. 

Marvelous Mandy

Mandy has an advanced degree in education and worked as an educator before attending school for makeup artistry. She had an interest in and love for makeup since a young teen and decided to pursue her passion with further education in makeup artistry. Her husband was on board, thus her current career began.

Mandy is a Christian and she includes a scripture at the beginning of her videos. Her faith is most important to her and her family. She and Chad did a video answering viewers questions about their faith, family and relationship. 

Fitness and healthy eating are also a big part of her life and she shares her fitness journey regularly in dedicated videos and Q and A videos. Mandy has another channel, Clean Beauty by Mandy Davis where she informs about clean beauty products highlighting the brand Beautycounter. 

Thank you for reading this blog. Head over to visit Mandy for interesting and informative content from a professional!

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  1. What a lovely woman/couple! I especially loved the q & a video with her husband. Thank you for taking the time to share Mandy’s channel!

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