Pretty Over Fifty – California Dreamin’

The Channel

Kimberly is the beauty behind the channel Pretty Over Fifty. She lives in northern California and is a relative newcomer to YouTube. Kimberly’s content includes beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for the over fifty woman. Her channel is well-filmed and edited. Kimberly has a chatty, easy going way of presenting her finds. 

Kimberly started her channel in mid-2019 and already has almost 3,000 subscribers. She posts regularly and engages with her viewers in the comments.

The Hauls

Kimberly hauls all types of beauty and skincare, clothing and lifestyle items. Her beauty and skincare hauls are a nice selection of products including many drugstore items. She purchases her items from various brick and mortar retailers as well as online.  Kimberly loves Amazon and has several Amazon dedicated videos.  She is all about using lower priced product when available and has many videos touting her drugstore finds. Kimberly has even dipped her toe into DIY skincare making her own vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid. 

The Channel

Kimberly’s tagline about her channel is sharing “everything makeup, skincare and style for the over fifty woman.” This statement sums it up perfectly and is a welcome introduction to each video. Kimberly’ story is especially interesting as she had not been particularly careful about skincare as she aged. After she spent two years travelling, she returned “looking ten years” older. Her channel documents her quest to get her skin in better shape while helping others. The viewer can see the remarkable change which has occured in a relatively short time. Kimberly regularly posts on Instagram and includes beautiful photos of her day to day happenings.

Thank you for reading this blog! Check out Pretty Over Fifty for great content delivered by a pleasant, beautiful woman of a certain age.

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  1. Kimberly certainly is pretty over 50! I can’t wait to try her DIY serums. ? Thank you for sharing.

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