Iman Derder-Rising Star

The Channel

Iman Derder is a channel devoted to all things beauty. Iman is the glamorous twenty-something behind the channel. She is a young beauty aficionado who loves sharing her finds and techniques. She works a 9 to 5 job and posts videos embracing her passion for beauty content.

Iman is new on the scene, just starting her channel a little over a year ago. She already has over 1,500 subscribers. Iman is very active in the comments and so are her viewers.

The Hauls

Iman has numerous hauls, favorites, tutorials and get ready with me videos showcasing many beauty products. She tends to purchase and use high-end products.  Often, Iman will showcase a particular product in a dedicated review. These reviews are particularly helpful for those searching for a special product. Iman has also explored several drugstore brands. Tutorials to follow using drugstore items.

Iman has had cosmetic procedures and she vlogs those as well.  She reviews the procedures and talks about the process as well.

She also has several interesting Amazon hauls which are very popular. These two are great! They are entitled, “Amazon Favorites-Things You Didn’t Know You Needed” Parts 1 and 2. Lots of fun to watch!

Exploring the Beauty

Iman’s channel is growing and she has posted regularly since starting her channel. An interesting fact, Iman is first generation Moroccan and her inspiration comes from a variety of places. She has a vlog in which she visits Morocco to attend a cousin’s wedding which is fascinating. The video is well-filmed and edited and gives the viewer a little taste of Morocco.  She has creativity to spare and viewers can follow this rising star to see how she grows her channel.

Thank you for your time and reading. I really appreciate you! Check out Iman Derder on her channel and on her Instagram account. Enjoy!

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