Jen Chapin-Encouragement Abounds

The Channel

Jen Chapin, the creator of the channel of the same name is a married, full-time working mom of two. She and her family live in Iowa. Jen’s content includes grocery hauls, clothing and home goods hauls, vlogs and loads of helpful information. Jen documents her life as a busy working mom including helpful tips and ideas to motivate and inspire working women, home cooks and anyone else looking for help on the homefront.

Jen started this channel several years ago as a scrapbooking channel but shifted her focus in early 2018. The channel has grown to over 95,000 subscribers. 

The Hauls

Jen has a number of grocery hauls in a dedicated playlist. She shops primarily at Walmart, Aldi, Costco and Hyvee (a local grocery store.) Jen’s grocery hauls often include meal plans which makes them particularly interesting as she tells how the items purchased fit into her meal plan for the week. 

Jen is an expert meal planner, prepper and shopper. Her grocery hauls are interesting and very well organized. Jen will often include a smaller grocery haul in one of her vlogs. 

Jen also has many clothing hauls. The dress code for her office is “business casual” and her clothing hauls so reflect. She also hauls her casual clothing for working out and times at home. 

Watch Jen Go

Jen is a wonder! She has  a rewarding career she loves, a beautiful family and a rapidly growing YouTube channel. So many balls in the air! Jen’s schedule is packed with all things “working mom” including children’s activities, date nights with the hubby, preparing meals (including lunches for her and the kids), grocery shopping from meal plans, laundry, cleaning and so much more. She has stated that her motivation for starting the channel was to support and encourage others, especially working moms. Jen does this in spades! Her content is so rich and varied.

Of special note are her videos on mental health. Jen shares her challenges with postpartum depression and the particular types of situations other working moms with small children can face. 

Additionally, Jen has started another channel dedicated to scrapbooking, Jen Scraps. This channel is a must for scrapbooking aficionados! 

Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate your time. Jen’s Instagram link follows. Follow her and prepare to be amazed! 

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