Jennifer Joyce Beauty-Hi Love Bugs!

The Channel

Jennifer Joyce is the professional hair stylist and makeup artist behind the channel Jennifer Joyce Beauty. Jennifer lives in Southern California where she has her own hair studio, teaches various fitness classes and produces great content for her channel. She is in her late forties and offers content directed to the over forty viewer although anyone could benefit from her content. Jennifer’s videos include empties and favorites, tutorials, reviews of beauty products and at home gadgets plus other beauty related topics.

Jennifer started her beauty channel about three years ago. She has almost 14,000 subscribers. There are a few older videos relating to fitness to also enjoy.

The Hauls

Jennifer’s “hauls” are a great resource for all things beauty, skin care and DIY procedures. She posts empties videos which include reviews of the products used.  Her channel includes “favs and fails” videos which also give her viewers information on products which worked and did not work for her. 

Jennifer reviews several at home cosmetic devices which instruct her viewers on how to use the devices and the ones which work best for her.  She always reminds the viewer that she is not endorsing at home procedures, just sharing her experience with them.

Jennifer’s Busy Life

Jennifer is a very busy lady! In addition to producing regular videos, she works full-time as a hair stylist and teaches fitness classes four days a week. Jennifer is a wife and mother to two grown sons and  has two adorable dogs she walks twice a day. Whew! She answers questions about her life in a great Q&A video. 

One of the tag lines to her channel is “Over Forty Triibe.” While this accurately describes her audience, viewers of all ages would find her channel enjoyable. Jennifer has a beautiful, melodic voice and a relaxed delivery on camera. It is a pleasure to watch her deliver her content! She is active in the comments as are her viewers.

Thank you so much for your time and reading this blog! Catch Jennifer on her channel and on Instagram at Jennifer Joyce (@jenniferjoycebeauty).

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