The Sensible Mom-Hi Guys!

The Channel

Sandra is the sensible mom running her personal channel in the midst of homeschooling, homemaking and professional blogging, among other things.  Sandra is the mother of five children ranging in ages from 8 through 19. She and her husband Reuben met in high school and began their life journey together. They are devoted Christians and their faith shows in their family life. Sandra’s channel includes all sorts of content from grocery hauls, family vlogs, unboxings, cooking and other creative family friendly content. They live in Illinois, Chicagoland.

Sandra joined YouTube in 2009 and her videos have over 5 million views. She has almost 20,000 subscribers and regularly engages with her viewers in the comments section.

The Hauls

Sandra regularly shops numerous grocery stores and often posts hauls from a variety of shops in the same video. Costco and Sam’s hauls are often grouped together. Aldi, Dollar Tree and Meijer are other favorites of the family. She also regularly posts shop with me videos showing her going through the store picking up her items and pointing out items available even if she is not purchasing them. So helpful and interesting! Older videos of this type often included her children, however, as the children grow older, the grocery store is less interesting. 

Sandra also includes hauls and unboxings of household items. Sometimes the items are sent for her review and sometimes they are her purchases. She always makes it clear which is which. 

Busy, Busy Sandra!

Sandra’s day-to-day appears to be full of time with her children and husband, homeschooling and managing the home. Additionally, time devoted to blogging, vlogging and all that goes along with running not only one but two successful YouTube channels.  In addition to The Sensible Mom, she manages the family YouTube channel,  Fun Playtime Reviews. Her older daughter also has a successful channel with almost 2,000 subscribers, one of her sons and her husband have channels, too. Sandra is a professional blogger.  She has been blogging for over 10 years and has been recognized numerous times for her great blog. Whew! They are a very busy family!

The vlogs show a lot of love in the family and it is heart -warming to see how close they are. Of special note, her youngest son was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at a young age and required a blood marrow transplant. Sandra has a playlist devoted to their experience with the process which must be so helpful to other families facing this rare condition. As a result of the transplant, the family chose to stay home as much as possible while her son built up his immunities. This, no doubt, drew them closer.

Additionally, the family chose to live in a small RV for a year. They travelled to numerous locations, mostly in Florida, and documented their adventures in very fun and engaging vlogs.

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Follow Sandra at one of her many online “homes” including Instagram at Sandra Calixto (@thesensiblemom) for loads of informative, interesting and fun content.

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