MaryEllen After 60 – It Is All Good

The Channel

Mary Ellen is the creator of the channel MaryEllen After 60. Mary Ellen’s channel focuses on beauty, skin care, lifestyle and life. She is a stunningly beautiful, mature woman who is motivated to offer support to others seeking to improve themselves in all areas of life. Along with her haul videos, Mary Ellen has get ready with me videos, product reviews, anti-aging tips and tricks, dermarolling, vlogs and all manner of useful and informative content. She has many videos documenting the progress she has seen in using the products she recommends. She regularly has “giveaways” and is so generous! Mary Ellen’s gentle and relaxed demeanor makes watching and listening to her videos pure joy. Listening to her share her life experiences gives the viewer many useful ideas about all areas of life at any age. Mary Ellen lives in the Midwest with her husband, Jim. 

Mary Ellen started her channel a little over 6 years ago at the age of 60. She has almost 28,000 subscribers and almost 3 million video views.

The Hauls

Mary Ellen does not like to shop in store plus she lives in a small town, so almost all her beauty hauls are items she orders online. She shares things she has purchased along with products sent to her by various retailers to try. Mary Ellen does mini-reviews of the items she has tried which are very informative. She purchases only cruelty free cosmetics. Additionally, she highlights the discounts and bargains she uses to reduce the costs of the hauls. These tips are amazing! She has a whole playlist on saving money.  

Mary Ellen also has a playlist entitled “Something I Love.” These videos usually involve a chit chat, a haul or something of that sort. Additionally, at the end of the videos, Mary Ellen shares something she loves. It is typically an item from her collection of family heirlooms but often includes other things she has purchased. She has quite a collection!

Marvelous Mary Ellen

There is so much to say about how wonderful Mary Ellen’s channel is that this blog could go on and on. She brings such positivity to her viewers. She films many videos in her pajamas for goodness sake! It has to make the viewer smile at her confidence. She is always professional and honest in all she does. At some point, she began to put outtakes at the end of her videos which are a hoot to watch! Mary Ellen has vlogged a few of her trips with and without Jim. She has travelled to meet several of her friends who are also YouTube creators. Watch them all! 

Mary Ellen has inspired so many other YouTube creators, large and small channels alike. There is no mystery there. To start and grow a channel at age 60 is unusual, but Mary Ellen did it and does it so well. Watch her to be inspired and learn many things about beauty and about life.

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. And remember, it is all good! 

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