Miss Cherry’s Channel-Magic from Alaska

The Channel

Jessi Cherry is the cheerful creator of Miss Cherry’s channel. She lives in Alaska with her husband. Her regularly posted videos include Disney hauls, Disney, Harry Potter and other unboxings, and heaps of other interesting and informative content primarily relating to all things Disney. Jessi is a Disney aficionado and shares her adventures in the parks with viewers through amazing vlogs. She is also a huge Harry Potter and Animal Crossing fan and has content relating to both on her channel.

Jessi joined YouTube in 2017 and her channel has almost 15,000 subscribers and over a million views. She engages with her viewers in the comments and she has a loyal following.

The Hauls

Jessi posts hauls often and her hauls include Disney items, Harry Potter items and other interesting finds. This haul is of particular interest as she used a personal shopper to procure items from Primark, a UK retailer. https://youtu.be/tR_LKK30y88 Her enthusiasm for the items hauled is contagious! She gets very fired up about a cute shower cap! Jessi posts hauls of items she purchased on her trips to various Disney parks and online.  https://youtu.be/3zHxx58t7R8 

Jessi subscribes to a number of special boxes sent on a regular basis, such as, Magic at Your Door,  Bibbity Bobbity Boxes, Fun.com and Wizard’s Vault. She loves receiving the boxes and does a great job showcasing the items she receives. https://youtu.be/qQeqylobjKs Jessi’s interests are varied, although she loves Disney, so it’s a treat to see her zeal for Disney as well as Harry Potter, Animal Crossing and other licensed items. https://youtu.be/YnLmdC1YK1c 

Jessi’s Journeys

Jessi loves Disney and has been to several of the parks. She has recorded and shared vlogs of her trips to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokoyo Disney and Universal Orlando on her channel. The vlogs are wonderful! Jessi has catalogued the vlogs in devoted playlists. Her trip to Tokoyo Disney is especially interesting. Check out her playlists for bunches of park fun! Jessi also has a playlist of vlogs of venues in Alaska. It’s such a beautiful state!

Jessi also includes DIY videos on her channel and she is quite the crafter. https://youtu.be/fY42C2DpbCU  She has a playlist dedicated to her DIYs, they are fun to watch! 

Jessi’s enthusiasm and interaction with her viewers is so refreshing. She has numerous live chat videos to share her love of Disney and other subjects. The participation is lively and her viewers are loyal. So loyal, in fact, that Miss Cherry has her own merchandise on Teespring. Her merch features hoodies, tees, stickers, and more all with the cutest designs. Check it out! Miss Cherry also has an Etsy shop in which she makes Minnie ears. Busy, busy Miss Cherry!

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. I really appreciate it! Join Jessi on YouTube and on her other social media platforms for an upbeat look at Disney and so much more. Find her on Instagram at Miss Cherry’s Channel (@missjessicherry) and on Facebook at Miss Cherry – Home.

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