TylerTravelsTV-Hauling Experiences!

The Channel

Tyler Braun is the creator behind the channel TylerTravelsTV. He is a travel professional. He owns “People Mover Travel” specializing in Disney. His channel features numerous vlogs of trips. He and his beautiful wife, Jessica, have travelled together to various locations around the world throughout their engagement and marriage. Once their adorable daughter, Genevieve (GiGi), was born, she joins them on many of the adventures. Their sweet dog, Pinnocchio, has been on a road trip or two himself. Their families and friends are also a part of several of the travel vlogs. The channel features locales near and far, by plane, ship and road trips. Tyler and Jessica are big Disney fans, of course, so there is loads of comprehensive Disney content. Additionally, there are weekly vlogs and several Vlogmas seasons all neatly categorized in dedicated playlists.

Tyler started his channel 2014. The channel has over 71,000 subscribers and over 8 million views.

The “Hauls”

This blog is extending the definition of “haul” to include Tyler’s travel vlogs which are excellent and informative videos on the places Tyler and his entourage have explored. There are three trips highlighted in this vlog, but be sure and check out the other vlogs as they are teriffic!

Tyler and Jessica went to Paris on their honeymoon. So romantic! The full playlist includes visits to many popular attractions in Paris. Tyler gives comprehensive information about the locations visited. His narration is interesting and engaging. There is also a video showcasing the city and highlighting the sights and vibe of the city.  https://youtu.be/LxqXYyixGIU They had to visit Disneyland Paris and several videos are of the park, attractions and shops. Tyler and Jessica have an interesting practice of purchasing a fragrance when they travel. When they wear it later, it reminds them of their trip. What a brilliant idea! Their honeymoon vlogs are a fun way to visit Paris from home. Paris, France  

When the couple was expecting their baby, they went on a “Babymoon” trip to Walt Disney World and on a Disney cruise. The vlogs are terrific! There are ten daily videos following the couple through their fun time prior to the birth of their little daughter. They rode the rides, ate the food, shopped and generally had a wonderful time in the parks.https://youtu.be/wUIaHvw0LBM Then, they left on a short Disney cruise aboard the Disney Dream. https://youtu.be/YUgK4QGenvs Finally, they returned to Walt Disney World for a few more days in the parks. https://youtu.be/Qk-__5dwBbk Tyler narrates the videos so well and the couple shares all manner of information about Disney travel.

Road trip anyone? Yes, please! Tyler and Jessica have been on several road trips over the course of their time on YouTube. However, they went on a super-road trip, baby Gigi in tow. There is a dedicated playlist entitled “The Braun Family East Coast Road Trip.”  East Coast Road Trip Vlogs  They explored much of New England visiting tourist attractions, family and many fascinating locales. It’s fun to watch them as they chose to extend what started as a short road trip to visit family, into truly an “epic” two week road trip. Binge watch all the videos, you will not be disappointed.

Family Fun Time

In addition to the travel vlogs, the channel includes weekly vlogs and several seasons of Vlogmas. For the viewer who enjoys weekly vlogs, these are such a treat! Tyler and Jessica are a lovely couple and little Gigl just added to the fun. They cook, clean, garden, shop, entertain and enjoy their lives. They both have lovely extended families and the Vlogmas videos include family Christmases which are wonderful. So much more could be said about this couple. Watch and see their love story develop and grow.

Jessica, herself, is a popular YouTube influencer and she shares some “behind the scenes” clips in the vlogs. Find her on YouTube at Jessica Braun. She primarily produces beauty videos, however, she is extending her channel to include more lifestyle videos which are great! Some of the vlogs, especially Vlogmas, are found on her channel. Join her there for great content!

Thank you for your time reading this long blog. This channel and the family are fun to watch! Hope you enjoy! Find Tyler on Instagram at Tyler Braun | Travel (@tylertravelstv) • Instagram photos and videos

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