Crazy Lamp Lady-Picker’s Paradise

The Channel

Jocelyn is the picker in charge of Crazy Lamp Lady. The channel is devoted to documenting her shopping for bargains at all manner of thrift stores, antique malls, estate sales and more. Jocelyn also does haul videos of items she has picked and hauls of  “mystery boxes” picked for her by several individuals who know what she is looking for. Jocelyn is a reseller and posts videos at an amazing pace. They are primarily vlogs of her shopping trips in which she shops alone, with her boyfriend, her friends and her family. Jocelyn has an eBay store in which she resells her finds. Banana Box Antiques She has two children, a boyfriend and a couple of really cool birds. They live in Pennsylvania. Jocelyn’s journey to becoming a full-time reseller and youTuber is fascinating and involved a lot of hard work on her part.

The channel has over 130,000 subscribers and 31 million views! Jocelyn started this channel in 2016.

The Hauls

Jocelyn hauls her finds while on her shopping trips to her various locales.  Some of the hauls are live. Both are fun to watch! She also hauls her “mystery boxes” and discovers the treasures along with the viewers. Jocelyn’s knowledge of all manner of items is astounding and it is so interesting to hear her speak about the items, their history and origin, among other things. She researches very carefully and her ability to tell the “story” of an item is fascinating.

Jocelyn recently participated in a “Show off your Bunker” challenge in which she shared videos of her dining and living rooms., What fun to see all the thrifted items she chose to keep and how she decorates with the items!

Jocelyn’s Journey

Jocelyn started her youTube career with a channel about her adventures in metal detecting! She grew that channel, Relic Recoverist, to over 75,000 subscribers and made it her full-time job. She had experience in picking from prior years as an estate sale expert. So, she started Crazy Lamp Lady as a way to vlog her picking and show her hauls as she began picking in the metal detecting off-season. The channel has exploded with views and subscribers and is now her primary channel. There are a couple of great videos documenting her youTube story.  

It bears mentioning that her boyfriend, Andrew, is often along for the “picking” and he adds another opinion and shares his vast knowledge of numerous categories of items. He and Jocelyn are opening a brick and mortar shop which will be called “Banana Box Antiques.” The shop is planned to open by the end of the year.

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Find Jocelyn on Instagram at Jocelyn Elizabeth (@crazylamplady) • Instagram photos and videos. Watch her use her “superpower”, as her family calls it, of seeing the value in objects others might overlook!

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