Do It On a Dime-Budget Lifestyle without Compromise

The Channel

Kathryn is the influencer and creator of the popular channel, Do It On a Dime. In her videos, she shares so much useful and informative content on living a frugal life without compromising style. Kathryn is a master organizer, DIYer, shopper and much more. Her mission is to “live a beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. Kathryn lives in North Carolina with her husband and two sons. She shares snippets of the boys in her videos and their energy brings a lot of fun to the content. Kathryn also has a wildly successful blog.

Kathryn started her channel in 2011 and has amassed almost 1.5 million subscribers and over 183 million views! She rocks!

The Hauls

Kathryn shops at numerous retailers and has shop with me and haul videos from them all. Although her “haul” videos are rarely traditional, her insight is priceless. Kathryn has a dedicated playlist for “Dollar Tree Hauls, Hacks and DIYs.” This video is a great example of how she shops at Dollar Tree for organizational items. Kathryn also highly recommends shopping Big Lots for bargains. Her Walmart videos are also a great resource for great finds at your local Wally World. Kathryn is also the viewer’s source for bargains and tips for shopping at Costco. The video content is so large and comprehensive!

Clever Kathryn

Kathryn was a Spanish teacher. When she had her first son and was working part-time, she decided to upload her first video. There is an older Q and A video which gives the viewer a look into Kathryn’s life.  Her desire to share all her budget ideas radiates throughout all her videos. Kathryn’s style is energetic and fun to watch. She is extremely motivational, always upbeat and a real bright spot in the YouTube community. The videos are concise and very well edited. Her website is very informative and full of useful content. Check her out on Instagram as well. Do It On A Dime (@doitonadime) • Instagram photos and videos 

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