Graceful Beauty-Aging Gracefully

The Channel

Sheri is the beauty on the channel Graceful Beauty. And, how stunningly beautiful she is inside and out! Sheri shares her love of skin care and beauty through her videos which include hauls, get ready with me, empties, skin care routines and more. She lives in south Florida with her husband, a firefighter. She is in her late 40’s, retired, spends her time with friends and family, and working on her channel. Sheri’s content is interesting, informative and delivered in a relaxed and conversational way. She is easy to watch and viewers can learn a lot about skin care and beauty from her. 

Sheri started her channel only a couple of years ago, however, she has had a meteoric rise in viewers which now total almost 130,000. She has over 7 million views!

The Hauls

There are many ways to see the products Sheri uses. She rarely, if ever, does a traditional haul. The most comprehensive way to locate her skin care and beauty finds is through her empties videos. In this particular video, she discusses 65 skin care products she has used over several months. Sheri reviews and tells the viewers how the products worked for her. She has a similar video for beauty products. Another interesting and informative video.

Sheri is also very budget-minded and passes her finds on to her viewers. She also has numerous “dupes” videos directing the viewer to less expensive options to higher end products. There are many, many more videos on various topics related to skin care and beauty. Look through her content and find many treasures!

Spectacular Sheri

Sheri started her channel after retiring from her second career, real estate agent. Her first career was serving as a medic in the U.S. Air Force. Sheri served for 11 years until she was injured and became 60% disabled. She answers some pertinent questions about her personal life in a great video. Sheri has had an interesting life and her service to the country is much appreciated. She is a Christian and readily shares her love for the Lord. Her beauty shines from that faith. 

Thank you for your time and reading for this blog.  Graceful Beauty (@gracefulbeautywithsheri) • Instagram photos and videos is her Instagram home. Follow and get to know Sheri for her wonderful content and beautiful spirit!

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