Hey! It’s Heather-Sub Box Life and More!

The Channel

Hey! It’s Heather is a channel replete with subscription box unboxings of all types. Heather has many interests and finds subscription boxes to match her love of shopping. She has several boxes which are regularly found in unboxings, such as, Trunk Club, Stitch Fix, Boxy Charm and others. There are many more subscription boxes that are not the mainstream which will interest almost everyone. Heather is married, has three grown children and two “fur babies.” She lives in Georgia just south of Atlanta.

Heather joined youTube in 2018. She has over 3,000 subscribers and over 500,000 views. She and her viewers regularly engage in the comments section.

The Hauls

Heather shops from many of the virtually endless choices of subscription boxes. She regularly hauls clothing from Trunk Club, Stitch Fix and Trendsend. Heather does try-ons and gives great descriptions of the items hauled. https://youtu.be/K8IMeesy6bY  She also subscribes to lesser known clothing subscription boxes, such as, Natalie Attired and Short Story (a subscription box for petites.) https://youtu.be/_uVMMVxAMEU 

Heather subscribes to sub boxes that could be generally categorized as “lifestyle.” The choices are seemingly endless! Love tea? There is a box for that with various and sundry tasty teas to try. Sips By will deliver them to your door. https://youtu.be/yNEfCIhVrik Are you a camper? There’s a box with your name on it, Happy Glamper.  https://youtu.be/TF6_wje0NdM Do your dogs need treats and supplies? There are numerous boxes for your pup, Chewy and Bark Box are just a couple of them. https://youtu.be/mTe2lnBewrY 

The boxes mentioned above just scratch the surface of the boxes Heather hauls. There are boxes with jewelry, Rocks Box is one. Boxes with makeup, such as, Boxy Charm. Heather often hauls these boxes together. https://youtu.be/x06j_8XK5Ww  HIIT box is for the fitness lover. https://youtu.be/mmmbUURcTeo The list goes on and on!

Heather’s World

Heather shares more than just her subscription boxes with her viewers. She started vlogging almost immediately after starting her channel and has been weekly vlogging for quite a while. https://youtu.be/YnKZ65NYvgA Her vlogs include her daily activities and all the behind the scenes of her life. They are well-edited and interesting. The vlog of her camping (glamping) trip in “Mrs. Buttersworth,” her RV, is really fun! https://youtu.be/o_RSfv6TI9I This vlog even includes a haul.

Heather has also posted several videos with her daughter, Emily. https://youtu.be/QxkakTXyF24 These videos include hauls and vlogs. Watch for some mother and daughter fun. Emily also has a channel. Hey Y’all! It’s Emily 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Join Heather for sub box hauls, vlogs and more!

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