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The Channel

Laci Fay is the creator of the channel and she is “The Vintage Girl Next Door.” Her content is all about a vintage lifestyle and includes vintage haul videos, home decor, hair and makeup tutorials and much more. Laci Fay is the manager of a movie theater and sports her vintage style everyday to work or for leisure time. Laci Fay’s style is impeccable! It is a true pleasure to watch her videos and see how she has incorporated all things vintage in her home decor, too. Laci Fay is married and has a son. 

Laci Fay joined YouTube in 2014 and has amassed almost 78,000 subscribers. Her channel has seen very rapid growth in the last few months. She has over 2 million views.

The Hauls

Laci Fay dresses herself, her husband and her home primarily through thrifting. She shares her treasures in dedicated thrift hauls. Laci Fay finds vintage items of all kinds in remarkably great condition. She will often include a “try on” in the haul videos and it is certainly fun to see her in her new found clothing. 

Laci Fay also shares her vintage collections in dedicated videos showing the items found thrifting. Her vintage closet tour is fascinating! She also does a home tour showcasing her vintage furniture, appliances, gadgets and more. Watch the channel for fun finds through thrifting.

Lovely Laci Fay

Laci Fay’s channel is a peaceful respite from today’s modern, fast-paced world. She has such a sweet and gentle presence on camera. The videos are well-filmed and edited. In addition to the hauls, her channel includes cooking vintage recipes, make up and beauty tutorials, vintage thrifting tips and more. 

Laci Fay answers viewers questions in a recent video. In another newer video, she also welcomes her large number of new viewers and explains her content. Another channel spotlighted and interviewed Laci Fay and her family on their unconventional lifestyle. She clearly attracts attention wherever she goes!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Visit Laci Fay in her vintage world and enjoy a look back at the fifties! Follow her on Instagram at 

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