Tara Scott-Tarable Decisions

The Channel

Tara Scott is the creator of the channel in which she chronicles her “tarable” and not so “tarable” decisions. The channel is all about beauty, budgeting and  buying decisions, among other things. Tara began her channel to document her 2019 “no buy” commitment. She also used it as a means of accountability on her resolve to spend less on certain products, primarily skin care, beauty, coffee and clothing. https://youtu.be/yxOwsumZXS8  What a fascinating journey it was! Tara has a masters degree in psychology and her videos on the psychology of shopping, buying and marketing are creative and informative.

Tara started this channel in 2019 and has almost 9,000 subscribers. The channel has over 600,000 views and a boatload of content.

The Hauls/Empties

Since the channel began with a “no buy,” the viewer gets to see Tara’s beauty and skin care hauls as she uses them up and shows them in empties videos. She also does a few get ready with me and product review videos which show what she had on hand. https://youtu.be/ubDlTV2Vm3Q https://youtu.be/fqFxaLJVqOM Tara also has videos showing her beauty product and clothing collections. https://youtu.be/fzm5d4vZvYo https://youtu.be/6PVZu1Yt38s Among other things, Tara reviews various products which are similar to hauls. https://youtu.be/rKfwdhuMa04 There are plenty of products to see even through a “no buy.”

Terrific Tara

Tara’s experiment with a “no buy” and documenting it on her channel was a great decision! She is so creative and was successful, only breaking her “no buy” once. Starbucks got the best of her. Watch her “no buy” finale video for a summary of the year. https://youtu.be/sm6rxMpFSJ4 

One of the most interesting aspects of Tara’s content is her video series on the psychology of shopping. It begins with a video on compulsive shopping disorder and goes through marketing, branding and why we shop. The playlist of these videos is comprehensive and so binge-worthy. Psychology of Shopping 

Finally, Tara has a new goal in 2020. She is determined to be debt free! Tara’s posts have slowed a bit since the pandemic, however, she shares her struggles and her intentions to continue in spite of the situation. https://youtu.be/CpwOxfXX08M Tara has also started a second channel reviewing fragrances. Olfactofiles Fragrance Reviews Best of luck to her with her 2020 goals and new channel!

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Watch Tara for interesting and informative content. Find her on Instagram at Tara Scott | No Buy Year (@tarabledecisions) • Instagram photos and videos 

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