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The Channel

TravelTipsbyLaurie is a channel with a wealth of information on all manner of travel. Laurie is a pilot’s wife and the creator of the channel. Her “hauls” are various checklists, packing lists and what to wear videos, among other things. The channel is comprehensive and informative. Any viewer with questions on travel would be well-served by searching her videos and well-organized playlists. Laurie lives in Houston and has a charming demeanor. Her videos are well-filmed and edited. 

Laurie joined YouTube in 2011. Her channel has almost 70,000 subscribers and over 8 million views! 

The Hauls

The hauls showcased here are Laurie’s recommendations on packing and outfitting for travel. She shares numerous “what to and not to wear”  videos which include a plethora of helpful tips. Laurie’s suggestions are so practical and include tips many viewers may have never even considered. Her “what to pack” videos cover all aspects of packing a carry on for a flight, packing for camping, and packing for a long trip, among other things. Laurie even includes a checklist about packing for a camping trip. This list is especially useful as many folks are discovering or rediscovering camping as an alternative way of travel during the pandemic.

Laurie’s World

Laurie’s content is so relevant and informative for the viewer with questions about all manner of travel. From first time flyer tips to packing for a cruise, Laurie has done it all. She has a great “welcome” video to check out. Additionally, her video on what it’s not like to be a pilot’s wife is fun to watch. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Find Laurie on Instagram at @traveltipsbylaurie • Instagram photos and videos. Have fun exploring the world of travel preparation with Laurie!

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  1. You’re so thoughtful! I really appreciate you even watching my videos. Great post; hopefully more passengers will find it helpful!

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