Autumn Beckman-Luxury for Less

The Channel

Autumn Beckman is a channel devoted to educating and sharing ways to acquire luxury items on a budget. Autumn started the channel to share her tips and tricks for satisfying her desire for luxury on a teacher’s salary. She is all about living the good life. The channel features hauls, boxings, brand comparisons, dupes for high end items, Autumn’s collections and much more. Autumn’s knowledge is vast and her videos are instructive and interesting. Her on screen presence is great and the videos are well-filmed and edited. Autumn lives in the Houston, Texas area where she teaches art. Autumn’s bird, Vincent, often makes appearances on the videos.

Autumn joined YouTube in 2014. The channel has almost 18,000 subscribers and over 3 million views. 

The Hauls

Autumn has a playlist dedicated to hauls from all manner of retailers and brands. She has a great haul video to celebrate her 40th birthday. She hauls bags, clothing and even highlights her Amazon hauls. Autumn shops Target, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, among others. She has hauls from all these retailers and more. 

Autumn also has a number of unboxing videos which are fun to watch. She unboxes her purchases from various brands. Here, she unboxes three small Chanel items. Autumn has documented her purchases in the unboxings and in her “collection” videos. 

Amazing Autumn

How can one be a collector of luxury bags and accessories on a teacher’s salary? Watch Autumn and learn. She gives great advice on how to afford luxury on a budget. This blog has only touched the surface of the great content on Autumn’s channel. She also gives tips on purchasing “pre-loved” luxury, alternatives to luxury , luxury dupes, and so much more. Autumn’s video on body image issues is very insightful and positive. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Follow Autumn on Instagram at Autumn Beckman (@autumnbeckman) • Instagram photos and videos. Go watch Autumn for informative content on high end on a budget!

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