Couponing for a Cause-Hauling for Good

The Channel

Melissa Breuing, Mel B, is the heart and soul behind the channel Couponing for a Cause. What began as an extreme couponing passion evolved into founding a non-profit, The Richard Breuing Foundation. She identified so many needs in her community and found a way to address those needs while couponing for her family. Her channel includes hauls, tips, giveaways and tutorials for newbies, among other things. She lives in California with her husband.

Couponing for a Cause joined YouTube in 2017.The channel has almost 54,000 subscribers and almost 5 million views.

The Hauls

The channel includes hauls from a wide variety of retailers. Dollar Tree, Target, Walgreens, Victoria’s Secret, RiteAid, and Bath and Body Works just to name a few. The hauls often include an extreme couponing vlog showing how Mel B works those coupons! She also shops the semi-annual sales at Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works and more. The hauls have a dedicated playlist of 185 videos. So, jump in and prepare to be amazed at how Mel B finds and showcases her bargains.

Marvelous Mel B

As a channel, Couponing for a Cause, is great for the novice and seasoned couponer. Mel B’s tutorials and tips for couponing are among the best on YouTube. The big distinguishing factor here is that the driving force behind the channel is the desire to give to those in need.

The Richard Breuing Foundation provides all manner of support for American Veterans, the poor and homeless. Mel B uses her skills in shopping with coupons and sales to stock items for those who need them but cannot afford basic necessities. What a champion! Learn more about the foundation at  Nonprofit Charity Couponer | Richard Breunig Foundation | California.

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog post. Find Mel B on Instagram at Mel B (@shecoupons4charity) • Instagram photos and videos. Watch Mel B use her mad couponing skills and be inspired to help those in need!

(Dear Readers, I have enjoyed posting weekly, however, I am returning to every other week. I currently find myself obsessed with reselling and picking videos, so my content would get a bit repetitive. Hopefully, I’ll branch out again soon. Thank you for reading and for your time.)

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