Everyday Heidi-Everyday Beautiful

The Channel

Heidi is the creator behind the channel Everyday Heidi. She is a young, working mother of three who shares her love for beauty items in a wide assortment of videos. In addition to hauls, the channel has unboxings, makeup reviews, drugstore favorites and reviews, among many others. She also has some great tutorials. Heidi focuses on medium skin tones and dry skin. Heidi works as a full-time business consultant and her channel is a hobby. The motto of her channel is “See the Beauty in Everyday.”

Heidi joined YouTube in 2014. She has over 52,000 subscribers and almost 5 million views.

The Hauls

The channel has a dedicated “hauls” playlist and a number of playlists in which the viewer can see the items Heidi has purchased. She uses loads of different products primarily drugstore and affordable makeup. She presents the items she hauls in a high energy and informative way. https://youtu.be/nz80OL2MVBs Heidi gives the viewer many useful tips for purchasing affordable products. One video is particularly helpful in which Heidi gives recommendations for a “drugstore makeup starter kit.” https://youtu.be/ZImLkNjcZOs 

Heidi also does unboxings of makeup membership bags and boxes. https://youtu.be/8mG_Rd7STdE She gives her opinion on the boxes and whether or not they are worth the price.

Happy Heidi

Heidi is so much fun to watch! Her enthusiasm and upbeat personality are contagious. Heidi comes from a large family. She and her husband prioritize family time. Heidi has a great Q & A video in which she answers questions about her channel, her family and other topics. https://youtu.be/t_A78hw5PuQ 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Watch Everyday Heidi for great beauty content delivered in a delightful manner. Find Heidi on Instagram at Everyday Heidi (@everyday_heidi) • Instagram photos and videos.

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