BCsells-And Buys Boxes!

The Channel

Barbara is the creator of the channel BCsells. She regularly posts unboxings and hauls of all manner of subscriptions boxes. Barbara unboxes and reviews items from Trunk Club, Wantable, Stitch Fix and more. In addition to clothing boxes she hauls boxes from Sudsy Club,  Israel Pack and handcrafted products from GlobeIn. Barbara also shops popular retailers and posts hauls from those outings. The channel includes weekly vlogs. Barbara is a married, retired real estate agent who started her YouTube journey to enter a contest. After the contest, she just kept it going. She and her husband enjoy travel for work and pleasure. Barbara has three grown children and several grandchildren.

BCsells joined YouTube in 2018 and has over 5,000 subscribers. The channel has almost 750,000 views.

The Hauls

Barbara hauls clothing boxes from numerous subscription box services. She opens the boxes and then shares a try on with her viewers. https://youtu.be/9BlswhGh-IA Barbara’s try ons are well executed, filmed and edited. She shows the viewers a styled, complete outfit. These try ons would be particularly helpful to a viewer receiving the same box and for those looking for ideas on styling outfits in general. https://youtu.be/2G2QYl1mHXg Barbara gives the viewer a great overview of the items in the box and the items she is keeping.

Barbara also hauls beauty and lifestyle items. The Sudsy Club delivers three specialty bars of soap and a body product regularly. https://youtu.be/khipaVqpyzY  Her husband loves the soaps! The GlobeIn box includes numerous handcrafted items. https://youtu.be/aiUNj6JoixQ 

Barbara also has traditional hauls from her in-store shopping from various retailers. https://youtu.be/eldg6P6ACA4 Her hauls reflect her classic style and are all well-presented.

Beautiful Barbara

Watching Barbara present her hauls is an uplifting experience. She has a positive attitude and really enjoys filming for her channel. Her weekly vlogs are especially interesting. Barbara usually includes cooking or baking healthy meals and/or treats. She has forged friendships with other creators and collaborates with one creator in particular, Angela Masson. https://youtu.be/lFNOwKXi7lg 

A really special video is a kind of Q & A to celebrate her one year anniversary on YouTube. https://youtu.be/z7G_a16_9HE It is a real joy to watch her talk about her experience on YouTube, her employment history and, especially, her family. Barbara just glows with pride when talking about her children and husband. 

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