Lisa Monique Beauty-Over Fifty Fabulous

The Channel

Lisa Monique Beauty is a channel devoted to beauty and lifestyle for the mature woman. Lisa is an over fifty beauty sharing her tips, products and ideas for living our best life as we age. Lisa’s channel includes hauls of makeup and skin care both high end and more affordable. She also posts videos on various topics, including fashion, lifestyle and more. Lisa lives in Arizona and has two grown daughters. She is a professional photographer and her videos are well-filmed and edited.

Lisa Monique Beauty has been active on YouTube for a couple of years. The channel has over 8,000 subscribers and almost 400,000 views.

The Hauls 

Lisa hauls all types of products, clothing and home goods. Her beauty hauls usually include mid-range priced items. In the following video, Lisa does a haul and applies the products she has purchased. She also hauls high-end beauty products. Lisa’s beauty and skin care hauls are well-presented and full of useful information for the viewer.

Lisa also shops and hauls clothing from various retailers. This haul includes items from Target in addition to affordable shapewear. Lisa always reviews the items hauled which is very helpful for her viewers.

Lisa has a whole playlist which includes lifestyle products. Nordstrom, Amazon and Target are among her favorites. She also has a great video on packing which includes tips and tricks for making travel easier. This pack- with-me video is great!

Lovely Lisa

Lisa’s videos are well-filmed, edited and presented. The video quality is exceptional which, no doubt, comes from her expertise in photography. The channel is growing as Lisa consistently uploads useful and informative content. Find out more about Lisa and her channel through the following videos: and 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Follow Lisa on Instagram at Lisa Schaaf (@lisamoniquebeauty) • Instagram photos and videos Enjoy Lisa’s content!

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