Rebecca the Reseller-What’s Up, Mamas?

The Channel

Rebecca is the creator and the talent behind the channel, Rebecca the Reseller. She created the channel to share her various ventures in reselling and other work from home hustles. Rebecca seeks to help other moms who may be staying home and/or working who are looking to earn money from home. Rebecca is a wife and mom to one son, Gio. She regularly posts videos and her content is quite fascinating. Rebecca offers so much valuable content for those seeking to dip a toe or jump into making money online. The tagline for the channel is to show her viewers how “to get more done, make more money and raise kids by reselling online.” 

Rebecca joined YouTube in 2017 and has 4,500 subscribers. The channel has almost 200,000 views.

The Hauls

Rebecca has numerous hauls from a wide variety of sources. She shops Goodwill, the Goodwill outlet,, ThredUp and various other locations. Rebecca also sources from wholesale companies, such as, Ciao Clothing. Her hauls are well-presented. Rebecca shows the items, brands and sizes also giving the cost of the item. 

Her ThredUp hauls are fascinating! Many times she will receive a box she sent to ThredUp to resell. Some of the items are either rejected or do not sell. Rebecca pays to have those items returned to her. If she chooses to, she puts the items right back in a box to send back to ThredUp again. Brilliant! Her video on how she keeps track of this inventory is detailed and extremely informative. 

Rebecca is so creative with her sourcing! Two of the most interesting methods of sourcing are a closet clearout service she provides and bidding on luggage lost at the Orlando airport. This video gives the viewer loads of useful information on how to use the Over app to advertise a closet clearout service. She has written an e-book on the subject. Poshmark Seller & Reseller Business Resources & Tools by RebeccaTheReseller Another really creative way to source is by bidding on lost luggage from the Orlando airport. Who knew? She shares some of these videos in vlogs and hauls.  Rebecca has found many profitable items from lost luggage.

Rebecca Rocks Reselling and More!

Although this blog focuses on hauls, Rebecca’s content includes so much more.  For example, she has a “4 ways to 4k” plan to replace the income she earned while working as a professional event planner in the corporate world. Rebecca shares how she uses multiple income streams to accomplish her goals.  Another fascinating service she provides is a review of another person’s Poshmark closet. She offers a very comprehensive overview and critique of the closet with advice on improvements. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Head on over to Rebecca’s channel and be amazed by her hustle and all the great content she shares. Find her on Instagram at Rebecca The Reseller’s (@rebeccathereseller

(Dear Readers, I will be taking about 6 weeks off writing for the holidays. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season however that applies to you! I am really grateful you take your precious time to read my blogs. All the best! XO Virginia)

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