Lindey Glenn-Mother Hustler

The Channel

Lindey Glenn is the creator/influencer of her eponymous channel. Lindey is a master at reselling and offers loads of interesting and informative content to her viewers. She sells on multiple platforms and she is well-versed in them all. 

Lindey lives in rural Kansas. She runs her business out of her home while being a full-time wife and mother. Her ability to balance it all is impressive and she shows how it is done. Lindey has a weekly live stream with a chat on Mondays and regularly posts several videos a week.

Lindey has been on YouTube since 2011. She has over 106k subscribers and almost 10 million views.

The Hauls

Get ready for some big hauls with Lindey! In the last couple of years, she has started sourcing primarily personal care and beauty products through liquidators, such as Wholesale Ninjas. The sheer magnitude of what she receives is stunning especially considering she runs her business from her home. Lindey’s enthusiasm for the hauls is infectious. In this video, she unboxes a 500 item box from Wholesale Ninjas and tells the viewer where the items will likely sell and the expected price she will put on the items. Many times, Lindey will make a “lot” of items putting, for instance, three of the same items together to sell on eBay and/or locally.

In addition to Lindey’s expertise at numerous online platforms, she is a genius at local sales through Facebook marketplace. In fact, she was one of the pioneers in touting the benefits of local sales through Facebook marketplace and by garnering local customers she can contact when she receives items in which they have shown an interest. Lindey has numerous videos on the ins and outs of Facebook Marketplace reselling. In this video she shows what she sold on the platform in December, 2020. This video give the viewer a haul as the items sold are ones previously purchased. The Facebook Marketplace platform is quickly evolving and Lindey is at the forefront of the movement.

Lindey has videos showing hauls from all and sundry liquidators including, Via Trading and BULQ, among others. Lindey gives the viewer an honest evaluation of the contents of the pallets and boxes. Sometimes, the items are not great and she does not sugar coat it at all. There are also videos hopping back to Lindey’s early sourcing days before she shifted to liquidations. And, Lindey did spend time in the retail arbitrage world, which is well documented on the channel.

Lovely Lindey

Watching Lindey work is fascinating! Her channel is chock full of “take it to the bank” information explaining all aspects of reselling on numerous platforms. 

Lindey shares her journey from being a young mother who needed grocery money to her current role as a big influencer in the reselling world. Lindey’s first experience with eBay was helping her dad source, pack and ship his merchandise sold on eBay back in the day. Even before this, she bought and resold baseball cards and other things. Lindey had her taste of the hustle and wanted more. 

When she found herself in need of money she used $20 of grocery money to purchase clothing, specifically, jeans to sell on eBay. Lindey continued as a “hobby” seller off and on until her youngest son was born. His husband was working overseas and she wanted to earn from home. Thus, started her current run as an expert in online selling. Watch her story here. It is inspiring!

Lindey also has a successful merchandise line. She coined the phrase “Mother Hustler” among so many others. Find her merchandise store here:

For a plethora of reseller content, be sure and watch Lindey as she grows her reselling business and YouTube channel! Find Lindsey’s store at

(Dear Readers, thank you so much for reading this blog! I appreciate all of you. I still find myself fascinated with resellers and their world, so I’m going to continue to write about them. I hope you find the content interesting.) 

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