Shed Flips-Welcome Back to the Shed

The Channel

Lonnie and Candice are the sweet, southern couple running things in the shed on the channel Shed Flips. They are full-time resellers sharing their buys, items listed and sales on eBay. Lonnie has been a full-time reseller for several years and Candice recently joined him in the business. They live in Louisiana and have two daughters. Their dog Pippin has be en featured prominently since Candice came on board. 

The channel has almost 35,000 subscribers and over 6.5 million views. Lonnie started the channel in 2016. 

The Hauls

The couple sources inventory at garages sales, estate sales, close outs at retail stores and through numerous deals with their “guy.” The guy is a man Lonnie met and began buying lots of merchandise of all kinds. The hauls are replete with different and often unusual items. The items are sometimes shown in dedicated videos especially the ones bought through their guy. Lonnie also made a big purchase of high end cosmetics and showed the haul in this video: What a lot of cosmetics!

The best haul video yet is the purchase of their fifth wheel motorhome! They took their viewers shopping and then showed the fabulous motorhome in a dedicated video. The haul of the motor home is posted at the channel, Getaway Gang, The Getaway Gang a recently rebranded channel now focusing on their motorhome adventures. They will be posting some reseller content there, such as, garage sale vlogs while they are adventuring. 

I Sold A Hat!

Lonnie has been posting a video every day since at least the beginning of 2021 chronicling the activities of his and Candice’s full time reselling business. Lonnie will shout out a viewer purchase and include stickers and other branded merchandise in the package. The videos are loaded with interesting and informative content regarding the business but also include some “rabbit hole” adventures as they research some of the merchandise.

Their personal interactions and private jokes are fun to watch. They both have great attitudes and are so grateful for their work- from-the-shed business. They have established a brilliant work/life balance in a short time and both seem so relaxed and happy to have their business. Candice has added a whole new level of organization and has increased their ability to be more successful. The couple has a monthly business meeting setting the goals for the following month. 

Lonnie has other channels and also a podcast he does with John, the Cincinnati Picker. The channel for the podcast is Guys Without Jobs. Guys Without Jobs  The podcast is fun and well-worth a listen.

Thank you for your time and for reading this post. Go watch Lonnie and Candice work their eBay business! 

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