Taco Stacks-Keep Livin’ the Dream

The Channel

Taco (that’s what everyone calls him and he calls himself) is the creator/influencer of the channel Taco Stacks. Taco is all about the reselling hustle! He is a full-time reseller on multiple online platforms, flea markets and anywhere else he can find a buyer. Taco primarily posts videos of his trash picking (over 400 videos so far), storage auctions, fleas markets, auctions and thrift stores. There are Q and A videos and other content as well. Taco lives in Pennsylvania with his faithful dog Salsa. Salsa is a viewer favorite. 

The channel joined YouTube in 2008 and has almost 300,000 subscribers. There are over 77 million views! 

The Hauls

Taco takes the viewer along blog style on his various picks. With a trash pick, he looks for things he can sell, reuse, recycle or take to the scrapyard. The viewer sees what he sees and what he picks up https://youtu.be/2p4Dck2SRbw This video is episode 403, so there are 402 others to watch and more to follow. These videos are very popular and so engaging! Taco saves so many things from the dump and the videos are a real treat to watch.

The storage auction videos are another fun way to watch Taco work. He will bid on the storage unit and then go through it piece by piece for the viewers to enjoy. He finds anything and everything! This unit he bought for only five dollars. https://youtu.be/3yz_qWfLUoE It’s a lot of work, but he is undaunted and calls it a “treasure hunt.”

The flea market and auction blogs are included on one playlist. Following Taco to the auctions is instructive and fun. https://youtu.be/2qcw2LHvFvA His picks are great! Taco narrates as he looks through the items including interesting facts about various things available. Taco includes his flea market selling and his trips to various flea markets in this playlist, too. https://youtu.be/cKK6K6ismdQ It’s fascinating to see what he sells, his strategies for selling and his shopping. All these videos include hauls of items purchased. 

Terrific Taco

Taco began frequenting flea markets with his dad as a young boy. He continued reselling as he grew up through high school and college. Taco did not find the corporate world welcoming so he decided to fall back on his vast reselling experience to make his own way in the world. He has been very successful in reselling and on his YouTube channel. Way to go, Taco!

Taco is a young, upbeat guy making a living at what he does best. His channel reflects his genuine and down to earth personality. The viewers are very engaged in the comments and Taco responds with regularity even though his channel is huge. Viewers regularly send him gifts (gifts to Salsa, too.) In fact, his viewers have sent license plates from most, if not all, the states which he has placed on the wall in his warehouse. Amazing!

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. I really appreciate it! Follow Taco on Instagram at Taco Stacks (@taco_stacks) • Instagram photos and videos  

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