Becky Park on Poshmark-Full Life, Part Time Posh

The Channel

Becky Park is the creator of the channel beckyparkonposhmark. She regularly posts videos of her part-time reselling ventures on various online platforms, such as, Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and more. Becky has her own Shopify store, too. The channel is both entertaining and informative. Becky provides valuable information to help other resellers including tips and tricks, listing, shipping and information which can instruct and inform. Becky posts haul videos from all manner of thrift stores, consignment stores and other locales. She also regularly posts “What Sold” videos which include her costs, the sales price and her profits. Becky lives in Illinois with her husband and two young children. She is a full-time high school choir teacher. 

The channel joined YouTube in 2019. There are over 18,000 subscribers and almost 1.5 million views. 

The Hauls

Becky’s hauls are from a variety of sources. She shows the items and tells what she paid and at what price she expects to list the items. 

Becky has many “Thrift With Me” videos that include hauls. These videos are especially helpful to others reselling as she goes through the items on the racks and points out the “finds” from the items to leave behind. 

Busy Becky

Becky is one busy lady! She is a full-time wife, mother and high school teacher and part time YouTuber and reseller. Many ask her how she does it all. There are a videos answering this question. She modestly states that she does it all in mediocracy. Not true! Becky is a star and she spend virtually all her waking hours on one thing or the other. 

There are several Q and A videos in which Becky answers her viewers questions. The viewers clearly love her and want to know more about her. She opens up about her personal life crediting her husband with much of her ability to seemingly “do it all.” He gives her time to work her reselling business by taking over many household tasks. Great guy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I appreciate you! Follow Becky on Instagram at Becky (@beckyparkonposhmark) • Instagram photos and videos 

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