HappilyEverHanks – RNs Who RV

The Channel

Kyle and Renee Hanks are the creators behind the very engaging channel HappilyEverHanks. They are Registered Nurses who take travel assignments while living full-time in their fifth wheel recreational vehicle. The channel includes videos on all manner of RV life from “day in the life” to tips and tricks for full-time RV life. The hauls include the upgrades to their RV they recommend, products useful for RV life, items not to buy, Christmas decorations and most interesting the experiences they “haul” while traveling. 

The Hanks’ dipped their toes in the RV life in 2017 when they lived in an RV while on traveling nurse assignments. They took the plunge in 2019, sold their “sticks and bricks” home, bought their current RV and went to the full-time RV lifestyle. Their cat, Dexter, has been along for the ride. 

The channel has almost 15,000 subscribers (rapidly growing) and almost 400,000 views. 

The Hauls

The Hanks have videos dedicated to purchases which will enhance RV life. https://youtu.be/Gzw9y7bEI0M This video suggests upgrades they recommend when buying an RV. They have fun video on decorating for Christmas in an RV. https://youtu.be/fPZPuQ8cBQ0 There is also a great video on what not to buy. https://youtu.be/rwamcEGBI3w. Very helpful!

The adventures the Hanks share are amazing! https://youtu.be/rpf721O8aCM This video shares their experience at Mammoth National Park. The video on Moab, Utah has their top three recommended things to do while there. https://youtu.be/yjyq27NIzAc They have a whole playlist dedicated to the best places to stay while RVing. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLEgXSjc0_vrmdaW9V5lM3vyFT0KRjQYa Sit down and have yourself a proper binge watch!

Happy Hanks!

The Hanks clearly enjoy their on the road lifestyle. It’s amazing how they have managed to marry their travel nursing profession with full-time RV life. Add a terrific YouTube channel and the viewers get to come along for the ride. 

The videos are well thought out, produced and edited. This outtakes video gives us a peek behind the scenes. https://youtu.be/gDhOnYwWOZw The couple spends time and thought to the production of their videos and it shows in the finished product. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this post. Find the Hanks on Instagram at Kyle & Renee’s (@happily_ever_hanks) profile on Instagram • 73 posts 

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