Bexa Boss Lady-Lemons to Lemonade

The Channel

Rebecca is the creator behind the channel Bexa Boss Lady. She is a clothing reseller on multiple online platforms. Her channel includes hauls from a variety of sources, instructional videos on listing, shipping and generally improving the reseller’s business. Rebecca also includes reviews and a smattering of other helpful videos to inspire and motivate. Rebecca has several streams of income or “side hustles” and she has used them to help pay medical bills and other general living expenses. She lives in Connecticut with her husband. 

The Hauls

Rebecca hauls clothing, shoes and accessories to resell primarily on Poshmark and eBay. This video is a massive Goodwill haul. She scored a lot of high quality items!  Rebecca also sources her inventory from wholesale merchants. This video is a box she received from JoMar. She has also sourced from thredUP. Rebecca particularly likes to source shoes from them. 

Be A Boss

Rebecca has a remarkable back story she has shared in several videos over the years. She suffers from several chronic health conditions and found her ability to craft her own career essential to keep her working.. In this video, she openly discusses her challenges and how she will deal with them especially during the pandemic. Rebecca also gives great advice to others dealing with chronic illnesses and who need to generate income. 

Rebecca is all about the side hustle. Her content is very valuable and informative for the viewer seeking a side hustle. Watch and learn!

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog! Check out Rebecca’s new channel, Bexa Boss Designs, for some awesome DIY inspiration. Bexa Boss Designs Find Rebecca on Instagram at

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