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The Channel

John is a full-time reseller and influencer/creator of the youTube channel, Cincinnati Picker. John creates content which encompasses all aspects of his reselling business including his booth at a local Antique Mall. He documents his garage and estate sale trips along with his numerous other means of sourcing items to resell on eBay. John lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his lovely wife, Whitney and their two young children. He and his wife are foster parents to any number of children at a given time. His wife has a popular YouTube channel on their fostering journey, Be the Village.

John joined YouTube in 2017. The channel has 190,000 subscribers and almost 22 million views! 

The Hauls

John sources the inventory for his business from garage, estate sales, and thrift stores along with several individuals he has connected with who contact him with items to sell. He sells everything! The hauls from most of the picking are at the end of the videos. John sourced at Goodwill for this haul. John meets several different people who contact him when they have items in which he might have an interest. John often includes the negotiations with the sellers in the videos. 

The videos in which he stocks his Antique Mall booths are very engaging. The viewers see what John sells there. He also has a guest book and John reads the names of the people who visited.  

eBay Nice Guy

John has to be one of the most laid-back people on YouTube.  and He is a nice guy reselling as a way of life to provide well for his family. His videos are very helpful and informative to others interested in reselling. John usually starts his videos with a “what sold” recap. He always gives a shout out to viewers who purchase from him. Many of his sales come from viewers who often express gratitude for his content as it helps them in their reselling endeavors. 

John very graciously answers numerous viewer questions. These answers are most helpful to the viewer who is also a reseller. The videos are full of all sorts of valuable information regarding reselling. John receives gifts from viewers and he shows genuine enthusiasm for them. 

John is especially knowledgeable in used sports equipment having worked in a used sporting goods store. He loves history and often purchases one-of-kind pieces of history.

The garage and estate sales videos are family affairs. John is often accompanied by Whitney, their two children and his dad who is also a reseller. The family is so polite and respectful! Fun to watch. He also has a YouTube channel for the podcast he does with Lonnie from Shed Flips called Guys Without Jobs. Guys Without Jobs It’s a fun listen or watch! 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Follow the Cincinnati Picker on Instagram at Cincinnati Picker (@cincinnatipicker) • Instagram photos and videos 

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