Glammaz Closet-Part-Time Reseller, Full-Time Fun

The Channel

Glamma is the creator of the terrific channel Glammaz Closet. She is a part-time reseller on Poshmark. Glamma’s channel includes thrift hauls, wholesale unboxings, tips and tricks for resellers and various other interesting content. Glamma lives in the Midwest with her husband, Glampa (she calls him her boyfriend.) She is the mother of three boys (now young men) and has two grandchildren. Glamma is a retired wedding and event planner/salesperson from the hotel industry. 

The channel is a recent addition to YouTube, starting in August, 2020. She has just over 500 subscribers and almost 10,000 views. 

The Hauls

Glamma hauls items to resell and those she purchased for herself from Poshmark. Her hauls include thrift hauls,such as this one. Glamma shares what she paid for the items and sometimes for how much she will list the item. She also orders wholesale and reseller boxes from thredUP, JoMar, and other wholesalers. Glamma has a great style sense and loves to find high-end items for less. 

Glamma also hauls items she has purchased for personal use from Poshmark. What a lot of treasures! 

Glorious Glamma

Glamma’s style and her presentation are spot on. She is fun to watch! Her sister is often her videographer and their interactions are a treat to hear. Glamma includes other types of content. Glamma and her friends have a great chat about size inclusivity. Glamma also has a terrific BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) video for bridal wear to resell. She shares her years of expertise in this video.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I really appreciate your time! Find Glamma on Poshmark at

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