Where Is Tiffany – Solo Van Living

The Channel

Tiffany is the creator of the fascinating channel “Where Is Tiffany.” She regularly posts videos of her adventures in solo van living. She visits primarily National Parks following her passion for the parks and the van life. Her “hauls” include videos of her travels with beautiful videos of the journeys and the destinations. She also posts cooking and van life videos which inform the viewer on her life on the road. Tiffany has been a solo traveler for many years and a full-time solo RV traveler for about three years. 

Tiffany started her channel June, 2020 and already has almost 40,000 subscribers. Her channel has 1.5 million views!

The Hauls

Tiffany has visited at least 28 National Parks, so far, with the goal of traveling to all the U.S. National Parks and some in Canada as well. The videos of her travels and the parks are inspiring. This scenic drive is just one example of the many she has recorded. https://youtu.be/d57su1oenhI The park visits are so well-documented. https://youtu.be/hlyYtCKHdeo. Just listening to the flowing river is so relaxing. 

Tiffany also includes many “cooking in the van” videos. In them, the viewer can see the food items she purchases while cooking most all her meals. https://youtu.be/08LtqQrMTuc It’s fun to watch her cook! Her viewers really enjoy these videos. 

Tiffany Takes Off

After a bad romantic break up, Tiffany had her first experience traveling solo and she was hooked! She began taking solo trips, which included her first camping experience, during her yearly week long vacations. Tiffany decided that solo life on the road was for her and she worked hard to make it happen by working an extra job and saving, saving, saving. She has several Q and A videos explaining her journey to full-time van life.  

Tiffany’s videos are inspiring and meant to encourage other people, especially people of color, to travel solo. No doubt, she has been an inspiration to many! 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. I really appreciate it! Follow Tiffany on Instagram and find out where her next adventure will take her. https://instagram.com/whereistiffany?igshid=1. kavdx8c8zrdd 

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